Existential question


Sometimes I end up asking myself questions on life, the universe and everything, and let me tell you the answer is not always as obvious as 42.

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A pain in the neck

neck pain neck painneck pain neck pain

So this is rather vexing: it would seem that spending all my time with my head slightly bent towards a computer screen or the beads on my desk does not please my drama queen of a body. And, of course, any other hobby I have, from reading to playing music, happens in the exact same position. Apparently, the universe is sending me some confused message about having to do sport. Sport! What an outrageous idea. What would happen to my delightful little fat rolls?

Dear universe, my head might fall off, but I will have no regrets. Hobbies are much more important than health, after all. Oh, and my belly pouch says hi.

On a more serious note : if you work all day in front of computer, elevate your screen! I put mine on a pile of unused books. That way, your neck doesn’t have to stretch as much.

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Summer has gone

metro paris

Paris, you know I love you, but we seriously need to talk about having less people coming over every day. I feel like we never have “just us” time anymore.

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No jewellery for Mercy

don't buy me jewellerydon't buy me jewellery

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The Infernal Cycle

Jewellery making cycle

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Flower Power


A little poppy to help spring settle in. There is way too much rain in Paris these days.

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As I mentioned before, making jewellery is mostly a hobby. My day job is administrative assistant.

Brazil-like paperwork

Sooo much paperwork…


(Reference for the non-film buffs)

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Sketching #2

Preliminary sketches…

Fanette-sketch1low Fanette-sketch2low

Final result:

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GuiSunday night sketch.

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The Curse

Personally, I never wear bracelets or watches. I find they get in the way when writing, typing or drawing.

But the real reason behind this weak excuse is that I suffer from the Tiny Wrists Curse. More accurately, the Tiny Wrists And Even Tinier Hands Curse.

Fig. 1 — Put it on, it looks great!

Every single bracelet I’ve bought or been given is too large for me. None of them ever fits. The same goes for rings; Tiny Fingers Curse is linked to the first two. I’ve stopped trying, it was just too annoying.


Fig. 2 — But don’t ever move while wearing it. 

When I make bracelets, I trust what the Internet says: the medium size is 19 cm (7.8 in.). That very same, damned size which allows my bracelets to leap free on the first nose scratch, but fits the rest of the world like a glove.

Of course, if someone needs it smaller or larger, I make a point of offering to adjust it. Cursed ones have to stick together.

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