Etsy shop updates #3

Some fun with pictures for shop updates!






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Winter colours

There is still 15% my shop until Valentine’s day with the code VALENTINE17 ! Enjoy!


Alba — white howlite and copper bracelet


Edda — sterling silver, enameled earrings


Ginevra — Mobius knots earrings


Nadia (v. VI) — amazonite pectoral necklace


Olympe — white agate and silvertone beads necklace and earrings set
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Etsy shop updates #2

I keep scratching my head trying to come up with new ideas to photograph my items and feature them in shop updates. I know I put way too much effort in this, but it keeps things interesting.


I found out I really like jewellery set on their ink and paper version.


Turquoise on a silver platter.


Hematite goes on an adventure.


I like my jewellery to be well-read.


Earrings in the wild.

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Creations #7


Basilie – Sodalite chips and silvertone beads


Cendrine – Czech glass beads and silvertone metal caps


Elvire – Garnet chips and silvertone rings


Estelle – Hematite chips


Frida – Blue agate beads and silvertone chain
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Work in progress #2

I’ve recently been inspired by Viking jewellery. I love the turtle brooches with several strands of beads. I’m trying to make something close with the materials I have laying around.

A word of warning: making jewellery is not my main activity. Therefore, I never took the time and money to put together a good working space. I work on my cluttered living room table, with terrible lighting and even worse seating. I don’t give much of a damn about my comfort, so let it be known I’m quite a bad example.


Yes, I put my beads in a tin box that once contained cheese crackers… The computer is for picture reference and music.


Even after sketching, I prefer to lay down all the beads and pieces. What I have in mind and what is possible or better looking are often different. Plus, it makes me check if I actually have enough material to make the whole necklace.


I mixed amazonite and blue agate with silver-coloured chandeliers that can hold three strands of beads. Their style is rather victorian(ish) than Viking, but nevermind, it’s still pretty. I’m adding some metal beads and caps here and there.

Final result coming soon!

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Christmas presents #2

Overview of this year’s Christmas presents I made, part II!

For those, I just improvised.


Amazonite bracelet – for the lady of the house.


Garnet chips and copper earrings – for her daughter #1



Sodalite chips – for her daughter #2


Citrine, Czech glass ans Swarovski crystal earrings – for her daughter #3


Cracked Czech glass bracelet – for M., 5 years old


Blue agate necklace – for her mum


Amethyst earrings – for her grandma!

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Creations #6


Pectoral necklace ‘Nadia’ – Sodalite chips


Bracelet ‘Christelle’ – Citrine gemstones and copper


Jewelry set ‘Anatu’ – African turquoise and bronze


Necklace ‘Constance’ – Dog teeth amethyst


 Chandelier earrings ‘Manon’ – Glass beads and bronze
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Creations #5

Earrings ‘Apolline’ — Swarowski crystals and copper chandelier

‘Artémise’ set — Aqua terra jasper and silver-coloured sequins and filigree beads
‘Isaure’ set — Green jasper and silver-coloured rings

‘Judith’ earrings — Lapis lazuli beads and silver-coloured charms

‘Maëlle’ bracelet — Tiger’s eye beads and bronze-coloured toggle clasp
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Jewellery making tutorial : Vivianne

Today, I’m trying to offer a mini-tutorial.

For the basic aspects (how to open and close rings, how to set a clasp…), there are already plenty of excellent tutorials online, so I’m only covering the specifics on this one (mostly the measurements).

Of course, being the uncomplicated person that I am, I had to try and draw it.

Jewellery tutorial

‘Vivianne’ is a jewellery set with matching earrings and necklace. I chose flat, not quite round Czech glass beads. They are a bright, translucent green with a slight turquoise blue shading. This particular colour goes very well with a dark chain.

I wanted something asymmetrical but simple. It took quite a few tests to find a satisfying combination.


Here is the final result:

Jewellery set Vivianne

(Click to see more pictures)



Round-nose pliers

Flat-nose pliers

Cutting pliers

Around 45-50 cm chain (20 inches).

5 eye pins (40 mm)

1 head pin, for the pendant bead

1 lobster clasp

1 extension chain (60 mm)

Beads (20 mm)

11 jump rings (5 mm)



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Creations #4

Click on the pictures to see more!

Urielle - Unakite and bronze chain jewellery set: Necklace, earrings, bracelet
Urielle – Unakite and bronze chain jewellery set: necklace, earrings, bracelet
Marguerite - Green jade, white quartz and bronze flowers
Marguerite – Green jade, white quartz and bronze flowers
Calliste - Cherry quartz and silver beads bracelet
Calliste – Cherry quartz and silver beads bracelet
Lénaïs - Baroque chandelier earrings with Swarowski crystals
Lénaïs – Baroque chandelier earrings with Swarowski crystals
Julienne - Green jasper, glass beads, Swarowski crystals
Julienne – Green jasper, glass beads, Swarowski crystals
Aure - Origami cranes earrings
Aure – Origami cranes earrings
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