Creations #9

I have been trying new styles recently. I’m actually not very interested in fashion on a daily basis. By ‘not very’, I mean the whole thing makes me roll my eyes and sometimes vomit. But that’s a story for another time.

When it comes to the products I sell, I just make whatever I like, which is obviously not the best marketing strategy. Luckily, I can rely on my coworker L., who loves accessories and lets me know what is fashionable these days (please don’t make me say ‘trendy’).

choker bolo wrap
Choker bolo wrap necklace, moss agate and feathers
choker necklace
Green boho choker necklace
pendant necklace
Blue agate boho pendant
berber earrings
Traditional enameled Berber beads earrings
bolo wrap necklace
Choker bolo wrap necklace, Czech glass beads
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Etsy shop updates #3

Some fun with pictures for shop updates!






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No jewellery for Mercy

don't buy me jewellerydon't buy me jewellery

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Any excuse is good to have cake


And also a happy birthday to my online shop! Actually, it was two weeks ago, but nevermind. I wasn’t sure at first I would keep up with either the shop or the blog. One year later, I’m still here and still happy about doing it.

I am currently putting some thoughts in order about the whole experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon. In the meantime, onwards it is!

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