Ragnarok, 2018 edition

Well, I didn’t think I would go back, and yet here I am!



I will attend Ragnarok mass LARP again this summer with my friend B. and our shop “L’encre et la perle”. We will do the same as two years ago, my jewellery and B.’s temporary tattoos. I am quite happy to see all this wonderful nonsense again.



I will work on improving both my “time in” presentation and our comfort during our time there. Stay tuned!


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Time In

After a long holiday pause, I now can get to telling more about how Ragnarok mass LARP went. I also had to retrieve all the pictures. Most of them are available on Facebook and will then be posted on Ragnarok’s website.

The town

Our shop, once installed there:


We were placed a bit away from the main shopping street, but our stand faced the town square, next to a large tavern. As artisans, we did not participate in the game and were somehow ‘stuck’ in our shop. But thanks to this placement, we could witness several events as they took place.


The tavern ‘Les Arches’, next to us, where the Barbarians come for a drink after the battle.





At some point, the game’s town, Harapan, elected their new magistrate. The choice of vote was either Günther (on the right) and the Baroness (on the left). Günther is a Kobold, he’s got light turquoise skin, a big nose, stripey socks and a high-pitched, grating voice. The Baroness is a man dressed as a lady. This precise moment captures quite well the general atmosphere of the game…

Their electoral debate took place on the square. Earlier that day, both parties had hired the kids to advertise them with announcements: ‘Vote Günther!’ on one hand and ‘Vote Baroness!’ on the other.

Günther won. The rumor says his finances went through the roof afterwards, when an ‘unfortunate’ fire happened. Then he created a town militia, the ‘Gesta-Orc’, but the game ended before it could do anything notorious.


Günther, on the right (credit: Le Petit Londres).






B. had quite a success with her temporary tattoos.

The only slight drawback is that this year’s game was ending a cycle. There will be no Ragnarok LARP next year; the game should be back in two years. Therefore, the gamers were very busy and had little time to roam around the streets. Most artisans, like us, didn’t make much.

Still, it is notably nice to talk with gamers and non-gamers, get compliment on your work and talk to people from all horizons, of all ages and all styles.


One day, the Orcs came into town and held their own electoral debate. It involves sword play more than word play, and the result is just as entertaining.

Their costumes are amazing and very impressive.


(credit: Le Petit Londres).


(credit: Le Petit Londres).


(credit: Le Petit Londres).


Some Orcs come with Squigs. Tehcnically, those are made-up bouncing balls. To watch an Orc bounce to the tavern on his Squig (boing, boing, boing) is a unique experience.


Another time, a clan came and made their god dragon dance on the square.



The Barbarians’ camp and some of their installations.


The great battle

And in the end, of course, there was the final battle. I didn’t attend it, those pictures are from the official photographer who did.


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)


(Credit: Damien Shroom)

This straw castle was the bad guy’s fort, attacked by all nations. The battle lasted around three hours. Unfortunately, the gamers lost…


All in all, LARPing is an uncommon and highly entertaining experience. I did it the way I felt most comfortable with: as an artisan, thus simple observer. You can go as a non-player (an extra, if you like) or throw yourself into it. All options are possible.

As for commerce, of course the most lucrative is to hold a food and/or drink shop. But our taking paid for our registration, which is the most important. There will have to be other LARPs to make all the material we bought profitable! I will soon post detailed articles about all the work we did, along with a few DIYs.


There are few occasions to take such exotic and fun holidays.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

L’encre et la perle : last preparations

The blog and the shop will both be on hold 

from Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th!

These days I am insanely busy with LARP preparations. Every time we think we have everything covered, 5 new problems come up. At this point, I just hope to arrive on the game site with a tiny bit of energy left.

L'encre et la perle - Ragnarok LARP sign

I will do a long and full report once it’s over, with picture and maybe some tutorials.

Have a nice time until I’m back!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Inking tests for temporary tattoo

For promotion purposes, my friend B. and I took a picture showing our common shop’s products. As a reminder, she sells temporary tattoos and I my jewellery.

To make her tattooing stamps, B. transfers her drawings on pieces of linocut or rubber, then etches it with chisels.  It’s a precise work that I admire a lot. I’ve tried it and sucked at it.


I got tattooed and jewelled and then played model. It is surprisingly hard to find a pose that looks natural and yet shows all you want. It might be time for me to start doing yoga; I had to contort myself in weird and uncomfortable positions.

The end result is this picture, that I already showed. Fortunately, B. is a very good photographer and also owns an excellent camera.

Ragnarok mass larp artisan

For my temporary tattoo, we chose several repeated designs with floral patterns. Some stamps can be used to go all around your arms; they were originally designed for tattooing the fingers.

Below are some behind the scene pictures!

This will look a bit like a tribute to my majestic self, for which I apologise… But I only happen to be the model on this one because B. is the tattooist.

1) This one was nice, but the necklace is a bit blurry. The light was nicely diffused and warmed by the grey-beige arbour; it looks sunny when it was actually raining… I was freezing my butt off.

Temporary tattoo test 1

2) That pose is just plain weird.

Temporary tattoo test 2

3) Stupid bra strap kept trying to make an appearance.

Temporary tattoo test 3

4) It not so easy keeping a straight face… In the end, we chose the green necklace. It was brighter and looked better with the vegetal background.

Temporary tattoo test 4


Mission report!

My task afterwards was to check how well the tattoo held over the next days. Our goal is for it to last three days, the duration of the game.

Tattoo + less than 24 hours, after a night’s sleep:

Temporary tattoo day 1

Tattoo + 48 hours after a day’s work (meaning activity and clothing friction), and warm showers without applying soap nor scrubbing the area:

Temporary tattoo day 2

Tattoo + 72 hours after 2 days’ work and a warm shower with soap on the area but no scrubbing. As guest star, my trash can that I hadn’t noticed at the time! Well, go take a picture of your own shoulder and see if it’s easy.

Temporary tattoo day 3

My tattoo came off after 4 days when I scrubbed it with a washcloth and soap. B. also made sure it can go off easily with make-up remover anytime you wish. Once dry, the ink doesn’t smudge nor stain your clothes.

It should be perfect for 3 days of medieval camping before coming back to work where you have to look serious.

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !