Jewellery display research

Fall season is back! 

Before you know it, Christmas will be around the corner. As time flies at quite a scary pace, I am already planning the winter fairs I hope to be a part of this year.

Last year were my first experiences and I had to build and buy a lot of material quickly. I was happy with my stand, but there was certainly room for improvement. For a start, I am trying to see if I need to buy new stuff. Hopefully not: these things cost a fortune even when you go for DIY.


Here are the displays I already own (on the right, the little symbols I use in the sketches viewed from up high):

My display colours are: white, light wood and copper. I stick to natural or aged material as I feel it matches my jewellery quite well.


As always when I am in the research phase, I am sketching!


jewellery display

I have to take both horizontality and verticality into account. Display the items on several vertical levels looks good, but they also have to be harmoniously spread on the table.

jewellery display

Later, I will put out the table and make real life tests. I don’t pay attention to scale when I draw, so there can be a large gap between the sketch and the real thing. What matters is that doodling gives me ideas.


Last year, I had a hard time finding a table cloth large enough to cover the whole table, feet included as they are seriously ugly (it’s a camping table). In the end, I bought a white bed sheet but it was too large so I had to partly fold it. Plus it was see-through so I had to put a smaller, thicker cloth beneath it… Anyway, it wasn’t great.

This year, I want to find something that fits, even if I need to sew it myself. I’m also thinking about a darker table runner (maybe light brown of natural linen to match the wood). It would split the display space into three parts, which could be interesting.

jewellery display

And maybe a sign or a light box with my brand’s name on it?

My goal is to make something that looks as good in reality as it does in my mind. In the meantime, I also need to make a lot of new jewellery pieces to fill this table!



To be continued!



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Creations #10

handmade jewelry
Amethyst bracelet


handmade jewelry
Green jade and rose quartz jewellery set


handmade jewelry
Black and silver jewellery set


handmade jewelry
Red, black and bronze ethnic earrings


handmade jewelry
Red and bronze ethnic necklace



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Sail & Bead

Some holiday snapshots!

And even though it doesn’t look like it these days, I am actually also working on new jewellery.



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21st century problems

After my neck, my hand is going on strike with a bloody tendonitis. I should give my computer mouse a hearty, highly sarcastic thanks for that. It doesn’t stop me from making stuff, but it slows me down.

Damn, I’m getting old.

Although in the meantime, I’m doing some interesting reading!

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Etsy shop updates #3

Some fun with pictures for shop updates!






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Ethnic necklace

ethnic necklace Nadia

Have a nice week!

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Winter colours

There is still 15% my shop until Valentine’s day with the code VALENTINE17 ! Enjoy!


Alba — white howlite and copper bracelet


Edda — sterling silver, enameled earrings


Ginevra — Mobius knots earrings


Nadia (v. VI) — amazonite pectoral necklace


Olympe — white agate and silvertone beads necklace and earrings set
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A pain in the neck

neck pain neck painneck pain neck pain

So this is rather vexing: it would seem that spending all my time with my head slightly bent towards a computer screen or the beads on my desk does not please my drama queen of a body. And, of course, any other hobby I have, from reading to playing music, happens in the exact same position. Apparently, the universe is sending me some confused message about having to do sport. Sport! What an outrageous idea. What would happen to my delightful little fat rolls?

Dear universe, my head might fall off, but I will have no regrets. Hobbies are much more important than health, after all. Oh, and my belly pouch says hi.

On a more serious note : if you work all day in front of computer, elevate your screen! I put mine on a pile of unused books. That way, your neck doesn’t have to stretch as much.

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Sketching #5

Some new ideas sketched…

jewelry making sketches

…which lead to these:





All those beautiful bronze beads were bought for me by a friend during a trip to India.

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Etsy shop updates #2

I keep scratching my head trying to come up with new ideas to photograph my items and feature them in shop updates. I know I put way too much effort in this, but it keeps things interesting.


I found out I really like jewellery set on their ink and paper version.


Turquoise on a silver platter.


Hematite goes on an adventure.


I like my jewellery to be well-read.


Earrings in the wild.

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