Etsy shop updates #3

Some fun with pictures for shop updates!






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Winter colours

There is still 15% my shop until Valentine’s day with the code VALENTINE17 ! Enjoy!


Alba — white howlite and copper bracelet


Edda — sterling silver, enameled earrings


Ginevra — Mobius knots earrings


Nadia (v. VI) — amazonite pectoral necklace


Olympe — white agate and silvertone beads necklace and earrings set
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Sketching #5

Some new ideas sketched…

jewelry making sketches

…which lead to these:





All those beautiful bronze beads were bought for me by a friend during a trip to India.

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Etsy shop updates #2

I keep scratching my head trying to come up with new ideas to photograph my items and feature them in shop updates. I know I put way too much effort in this, but it keeps things interesting.


I found out I really like jewellery set on their ink and paper version.


Turquoise on a silver platter.


Hematite goes on an adventure.


I like my jewellery to be well-read.


Earrings in the wild.

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Custom order #2

Here is another custom order I made for a friend who wanted a bracelet for her mother.

She chose Nephrite jade, the one I brought back from New Zealand. My friend wanted something very special and high-end, so we matched the green gemstones with genuine silver 925 beads.

We decided to set the beads on rubber band. This is not something I am used to; I prefer beading wire and a clasp, as I find it more resistant. I bought quality rubber band and tripled it to ensure it would not break.

custom order bracelet

Patiently threading beads…

Then I made a sturdy knot, put a drop of glue on it and hid it inside a silver bead.

Final result:

custom order bracelet

Nephrite jade (New Zealand greenstone, or ‘Pounamu’) and silver 925 bracelet

I heard my friend’s mum was very happy with it!

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Christmas presents #2

Overview of this year’s Christmas presents I made, part II!

For those, I just improvised.


Amazonite bracelet – for the lady of the house.


Garnet chips and copper earrings – for her daughter #1



Sodalite chips – for her daughter #2


Citrine, Czech glass ans Swarovski crystal earrings – for her daughter #3


Cracked Czech glass bracelet – for M., 5 years old


Blue agate necklace – for her mum


Amethyst earrings – for her grandma!

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The Curse

Personally, I never wear bracelets or watches. I find they get in the way when writing, typing or drawing.

But the real reason behind this weak excuse is that I suffer from the Tiny Wrists Curse. More accurately, the Tiny Wrists And Even Tinier Hands Curse.

Fig. 1 — Put it on, it looks great!

Every single bracelet I’ve bought or been given is too large for me. None of them ever fits. The same goes for rings; Tiny Fingers Curse is linked to the first two. I’ve stopped trying, it was just too annoying.


Fig. 2 — But don’t ever move while wearing it. 

When I make bracelets, I trust what the Internet says: the medium size is 19 cm (7.8 in.). That very same, damned size which allows my bracelets to leap free on the first nose scratch, but fits the rest of the world like a glove.

Of course, if someone needs it smaller or larger, I make a point of offering to adjust it. Cursed ones have to stick together.

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Creations #5

Earrings ‘Apolline’ — Swarowski crystals and copper chandelier

‘Artémise’ set — Aqua terra jasper and silver-coloured sequins and filigree beads
‘Isaure’ set — Green jasper and silver-coloured rings

‘Judith’ earrings — Lapis lazuli beads and silver-coloured charms

‘Maëlle’ bracelet — Tiger’s eye beads and bronze-coloured toggle clasp
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Creations #4

Click on the pictures to see more!

Urielle - Unakite and bronze chain jewellery set: Necklace, earrings, bracelet
Urielle – Unakite and bronze chain jewellery set: necklace, earrings, bracelet
Marguerite - Green jade, white quartz and bronze flowers
Marguerite – Green jade, white quartz and bronze flowers
Calliste - Cherry quartz and silver beads bracelet
Calliste – Cherry quartz and silver beads bracelet
Lénaïs - Baroque chandelier earrings with Swarowski crystals
Lénaïs – Baroque chandelier earrings with Swarowski crystals
Julienne - Green jasper, glass beads, Swarowski crystals
Julienne – Green jasper, glass beads, Swarowski crystals
Aure - Origami cranes earrings
Aure – Origami cranes earrings
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