Creations #9

I have been trying new styles recently. I’m actually not very interested in fashion on a daily basis. By ‘not very’, I mean the whole thing makes me roll my eyes and sometimes vomit. But that’s a story for another time.

When it comes to the products I sell, I just make whatever I like, which is obviously not the best marketing strategy. Luckily, I can rely on my coworker L., who loves accessories and lets me know what is fashionable these days (please don’t make me say ‘trendy’).

choker bolo wrap
Choker bolo wrap necklace, moss agate and feathers
choker necklace
Green boho choker necklace
pendant necklace
Blue agate boho pendant
berber earrings
Traditional enameled Berber beads earrings
bolo wrap necklace
Choker bolo wrap necklace, Czech glass beads
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From Marrakesh with love

A new shipment of Berber beads has arrived! It comes straight from Marrakesh. The beads are traditional Berber work made by local artisans. In my experience, they are quite difficult to find either online or in Paris.

Luckily, I have my very own distribution channel: as I have mentioned before, I know a girl.

berber beads enamels

I can’t wait to make new pieces of jewellery with those!

Whatever I make is likely to be quite successful, too; whenever I post one on my shop, it sells within a few weeks. I guess it shows Moroccan crafts needs more attention.

I fear the day I will go to Marrakesh myself. I can’t be held responsible for what I might buy when I step foot in that bead shop.

— Advertising digression, as a thank-you to my dear distribution channel —

If you fancy getting a feel of Morocco without travelling too far, try spending a night or two in Kerity’s Riad! It is a nice Bed and Breakfast with lovely owners, traditional hammam and argan oil massages, tasty moroccan food made with local products and comfortable rooms… on Brittany’s seashore.

By complete coincidence, some of my jewellery is also for sale there!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Lux Fiat

I am growing tired of this light-deprived winter. Night when I commute to work, night when I commute back home, weak-ass sun through the windows during the rest of the day. My energy is officially hibernating. Also, living in a ground-floor flat, taking decent pictures has been complicated (and just like that, I am back on this blog’s point).

I take my jewellery pictures with my smartphone because I can’t afford a good camera. What I can afford, though, is resourcefulness. So I bought one of these :


And two of these :

spotlight and umbrella

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that smartphone tripods, spotlights, and umbrellas can actually be quite cheap (links in pictures)! Consequently they are not the best quality, but perfectly functional and sufficient.

Studio pictures

Taking good pictures of my items are now sooooo much easier. I don’t use the tripod for it because it would take too long to replace it for each angle. I’m still lazy, in case you had forgotten. Now this is the first try, unedited, using only the natural light in my flat:

My camera struggles to find enough light, so the tiniest movement of my arms makes the picture blurry. I must take five or six pictures before I’m satisfied. Editing will take longer and the more you edit, the more you see it’s edited.

This is the first try, unedited, one spotlight on:

My camera focused instantly, it’s clear, one take is enough. I won’t have to edit it a lot, just raise up the general light.

I have yet to try with both spotlight switched on, but all this is very promising! I won’t have to wait anymore for a clear day in order to be able to take my pictures. Even more than time saved, it’s the freedom of not being dependent on the weather nor the time that I am delighted with (yes, that pun was intended).

Work in progress

The best part is that for the first time since I’ve started my business, I can take decent pictures of my workshop! This is where the tripod, combined with a handy self-timer function on my phone, comes in. First quick tries:

workshop 1

workshop 2

My hands are now the face of my business (alright, enough with the puns).

Soon, I’ll be able to make better quality tutorial photos and generally show my work process, which is what I find most interesting to discover about other creators!

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Sketching #4

New sketches…

ethnic jewelry sketching

And some results.

ethnic jewelry

ethnic jewelry


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Berber jewellery

I’m lucky enough that my father’s better half is the kindest Moroccan lady in the world. On their last visit to her family, they bought me loads of beautiful typical beads. Of course, I had to honour it.

The beads typically have an irregular look that give them a lively handcrafted charm. It’s a real pleasure to work with it.

Basma berber jewellery
Necklace ‘Basma’ – Turquoise gemstones

Lamis berber jewellery

Earrings ‘Lamis’ – Turquoise gemstones

Alina berber jewellery

Earrings ‘Alina’ – Traditional Berber enamelled beads

Nassim berber jewellery

Earrings ‘Nassim’ – Traditional Berber beads

More to come soon!

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