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Some holiday snapshots!

And even though it doesn’t look like it these days, I am actually also working on new jewellery.



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A pain in the neck

neck pain neck painneck pain neck pain

So this is rather vexing: it would seem that spending all my time with my head slightly bent towards a computer screen or the beads on my desk does not please my drama queen of a body. And, of course, any other hobby I have, from reading to playing music, happens in the exact same position. Apparently, the universe is sending me some confused message about having to do sport. Sport! What an outrageous idea. What would happen to my delightful little fat rolls?

Dear universe, my head might fall off, but I will have no regrets. Hobbies are much more important than health, after all. Oh, and my belly pouch says hi.

On a more serious note : if you work all day in front of computer, elevate your screen! I put mine on a pile of unused books. That way, your neck doesn’t have to stretch as much.

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Setting up a workshop

With September and the start of autumn and school term, I went through the tidying up frenzy that seizes me every two or three years.

It happens because I live in a small flat and I can’t keep many things. This is to date the most irritating thing about living on my own. I inherited from my father that impossible logic of ‘Oh, I’ll keep it, it might be useful one day’. That’s how you end up with a literal hill of rubbish destined to the dumpster the next time you move (feel the experience?).

Generally — and this time was no exception —, come the frenzy, I toss around all my clothes (from my closet, that is) and put away everything I don’t wear anymore, to be given to charity; I go through all my furniture (‘Do I really need you? Are you conveniently placed? Eh, you can sod off.’) and its contents; I attack every corner with the vacuum, clean, scrape, until I end up with much more space, both in reality and in my mind.

This fascinating anecdote leads me to something more relevant to this blog. I finally took the time to think and reorganise my beading set up. I’ve always wanted some sort of workshop. I threw away half the stuff in my bedroom that had no other use than sit there collecting dust, and bought a table. After a lovely time cursing Ikea designers over three generations, I was ready to free my living room table from its burden.

workshop in progress

I have yet to put this new workshop to the test. I might make a few changes with use and probably to take into account my resolute laziness.


Isn’t it nice ? I think it’s nice. Yet again, I don’t have much light. That’s living on the ground floor for you. But I’m closer to the window so hopefully it won’t be so terrible.

For the curious, you can glimpse some of the drawings and pictures I like to hang around me. Facing my desk are three frames: a digital painting by Cali Rezo, a page from Moi je by Aude Picault and a drawing I made long ago. On the right wall: Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt, Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, Blacksad by Guarnido and Diaz Canales, a feather I painted, the Visiteur du futur, Rorschach from Watchmen, an old family picture, and a portrait of my great-great-grandfather. Someday, if someone asks, I might tell the story behind that one.

The computer on the opposite side is — or used to be — my video editing station. I seldom use it now, but I still have some ideas in mind that will require I get back into it.

Now that I have a decent-looking working space, I think I’ll make more step by step accounts of my creations. But first, I’ll buy a comfortable office chair with wheels. Resolute laziness, I said.

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jewelry addiction


My supplier has a dubious sense of humour…

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Sewing table

I got my hands on a sewing table!

Sewing table closed

Well, it’s not exactly a table, but it’s full of compartments and hopefully it can contain all my beading stuff. I need to sand and re-varnish it, that work is currently in progress.

Sewing table open

I say ‘hopefully’, but maybe ‘in some perfect world nowhere near reality’ would be more accurate. The space that beading material takes is insane, especially if you function like I do. This is supposed to be my living room table. I have four tin boxes that I haven’t been able to close for months, a full bag of scales and three or four small plastic boxes for jump rings and crimp beads.

Workshop without a sewing table

Good thing I don’t entertain often.

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On Jewellery Suppliers

Today is about advertising. Again. But this time, not me.

Finding good material at a decent price to make jewellery is not as easy as one would think. Since I am not a professional nor a company, I have no choice but to buy retail. That’s how, if I’m not careful, I end up paying 2 € for 10 earrings hooks in a Paris shop, when I can get 200 for the same price online.

And yes, I happen to live in Paris, where the prices have this irksome tendency to go through the roof; granted, it doesn’t help. That’s why I buy most of my supplies online.

But there is one shop that I keep coming to. They are by far my favourite jewellery supplier: Tout à loisirs.

jewellery supplier

They have several shops in France, and three in Paris. One of those is for retail, the other two for wholesale.

The retail prices are very reasonable, and they have volume discount on pretty much everything. If you need a large quantity of a product, they will call their wholesale shops and have them deliver said quantity right away. Then, they will offer you an excellent deal on it. No, really, they’re awesome.

jewellery supplier

The shop itself is a treasury chest. It has a lovely old style to it. The staff is incredibly nice and easy going; they will give you advice or just chat with you.

jewellery supplier

jewellery supplier

jewellery supplier

They have so many pretty things that it’s quite dangerous for your budget… But I recommend this shop to everyone; it is a real source of inspiration.


Tout à loisirs

Retail shop: 50 rue des Archives, 75004 Paris

Wholesale shop: 77 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

Their website (wholesale only)


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Just jewellery designer things

I know I shouldn’t make stuff when it’s night time and I don’t own a white light. But do I listen ?

insufficient light

There isn’t enough daylight in this world, that’s the real problem.

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