Artisans’ market in Paris – Les Petites Serres

— News! —

A bit at the last minute, I will be present at Les Petites Serres’ Christmas market!

It takes place at 18 rue Larrey in Paris, Saturday 9th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 10th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Facebook page for this event



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I know I am not as present on this blog as usual these days. I am working hard on my Christmas products as well as next year’s collection. It is also a busy period at work (the real one with paychecks). Consequently, I don’t feel like posting a lot; my free time is filled with reading and music for a change.



I’ll be back soon enough!



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Fall selection

Discover the ‘Petit Paris’ Etsy team’s selection of beautiful fall items. I am delighted to be in it!

L’été indien s’invite à Paris



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Jewellery display research

Fall season is back! 

Before you know it, Christmas will be around the corner. As time flies at quite a scary pace, I am already planning the winter fairs I hope to be a part of this year.

Last year were my first experiences and I had to build and buy a lot of material quickly. I was happy with my stand, but there was certainly room for improvement. For a start, I am trying to see if I need to buy new stuff. Hopefully not: these things cost a fortune even when you go for DIY.


Here are the displays I already own (on the right, the little symbols I use in the sketches viewed from up high):

My display colours are: white, light wood and copper. I stick to natural or aged material as I feel it matches my jewellery quite well.


As always when I am in the research phase, I am sketching!


jewellery display

I have to take both horizontality and verticality into account. Display the items on several vertical levels looks good, but they also have to be harmoniously spread on the table.

jewellery display

Later, I will put out the table and make real life tests. I don’t pay attention to scale when I draw, so there can be a large gap between the sketch and the real thing. What matters is that doodling gives me ideas.


Last year, I had a hard time finding a table cloth large enough to cover the whole table, feet included as they are seriously ugly (it’s a camping table). In the end, I bought a white bed sheet but it was too large so I had to partly fold it. Plus it was see-through so I had to put a smaller, thicker cloth beneath it… Anyway, it wasn’t great.

This year, I want to find something that fits, even if I need to sew it myself. I’m also thinking about a darker table runner (maybe light brown of natural linen to match the wood). It would split the display space into three parts, which could be interesting.

jewellery display

And maybe a sign or a light box with my brand’s name on it?

My goal is to make something that looks as good in reality as it does in my mind. In the meantime, I also need to make a lot of new jewellery pieces to fill this table!



To be continued!



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Creations #10

handmade jewelry
Amethyst bracelet


handmade jewelry
Green jade and rose quartz jewellery set


handmade jewelry
Black and silver jewellery set


handmade jewelry
Red, black and bronze ethnic earrings


handmade jewelry
Red and bronze ethnic necklace



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Pendant tutorial – black cord setting

To start this school year on good tracks, here is a new, very easy tutorial!

I will show how to set a pendant on a cord. Setting jewellery on a chain is even easier, but sometimes, depending on the type of pendant, a nice black cord looks better.



You will need: 

  • a pretty pendant you want to wear;
  • a good length of ‘rattail’ viscose cord (2 mm);
  • some glue, efficient enough to hold metal and fabric together;
  • 2 cord terminators with a 2 mm internal diameter;
  • 2 jump rings (5 mm);
  • a clasp and, if you wish, an extension chain;
  • scissors;
  • the traditional round-nose and flat-nose pliers.

pendant tutorial


Step 1 — The cord

Cut your cord to the desired length. I am making a choker here, so I cut a 38 cm (15 in.) piece.

Now, I am using terminators that need to be glued, not flattened. The problem with rattail cord is that it is made of many fibers that will unravel and bend when you try to slide them in the terminators. So we need to harden the ends and make the fibers stick together.

First, trim the cord’s ends a bit to make them slightly pointed. No need to be very precise, only shape them approximately. It will fit more easily inside the terminators later. But don’t trim them too much so they don’t get too thin.

pendant tutorial

Then, spread a tiny drop of glue on each end, on about 2 millimetres’ length, taking care of gathering all the loose fibers together. Leave it to dry.

When both ends are dry, you will see they are hardened by the glue, which will make them easier to slide in the terminators. And no more unravelling!

Put another drop of glue on the end and push the terminator over it. The glue will spread when it slides in.

Don’t worry if the glue overflows, leave it. It will be easy to take off without making a mess when it’s dry: if you wipe it, it will leave glue traces on the cord. Instead, you can cut it out afterwards very gently with a scalpel of a box cutter.

Step 2 — the pendant

Now, when everything is dry and cleaned up, you can thread your pendant on the cord. Nothing complicated here!

pendant tutorial

Step 3 — the clasp

Once the pendant is set on the cord, open a jump ring using the pliers.

Hook the ring into the terminator’s hole, then hook your clasp to the ring.

Close the ring with the pliers.

Repeat on the other end, with the extension chain attached to the ring (or not).


pendant tutorial

You now possess a lovely pendant that you set yourself! It really was easy, wasn’t it?

Have fun!

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Sail & Bead

Some holiday snapshots!

And even though it doesn’t look like it these days, I am actually also working on new jewellery.



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Summer break with Team Etsy Petit Paris

Since I am less active here during the summer, now is the time to check out my team’s summer selection! The team Etsy Petit Paris is full of talented people who make awesome things by hand.

It’s over here!

team etsy petit paris



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Happy Bastille Day!

We actually never call it “Bastille Day” in France, just 14th of July. We celebrate both the storming of the Bastille prison on July 14th, 1789, and the Fête de la Fédération on July 14th, 1790. The more you know!


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Taking a wee break

I just spent a few days in Edinburgh. Scotland has been a weakness of mine for years now, but I had only visited the Highlands. This time, I stayed in town. Enjoy some pictures!


Holyroodhouse Abbey, close to the Palace


Holyrood Park


Holyrood Park (yes, this is still inside Edinburgh)


Holyrood Park, with a view on the city


Bobby, the faithful little dog who waited on his master’s grave


Old town


Well, this wouldn’t be a trip to Scotland if whisky wasn’t involved.


Dean Village


I recommend Edinburgh to everyone who likes old stones, green hills, the smell of the sea and double decker buses. There are many great places to visit, from castles and medieval streets to modern art museums. Or just wander in the streets, like I mostly did. It is a excellent destination for a long week-end.


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