On Jewellery Suppliers

Today is about advertising. Again. But this time, not me.

Finding good material at a decent price to make jewellery is not as easy as one would think. Since I am not a professional nor a company, I have no choice but to buy retail. That’s how, if I’m not careful, I end up paying 2 € for 10 earrings hooks in a Paris shop, when I can get 200 for the same price online.

And yes, I happen to live in Paris, where the prices have this irksome tendency to go through the roof; granted, it doesn’t help. That’s why I buy most of my supplies online.

But there is one shop that I keep coming to. They are by far my favourite jewellery supplier: Tout à loisirs.

jewellery supplier

They have several shops in France, and three in Paris. One of those is for retail, the other two for wholesale.

The retail prices are very reasonable, and they have volume discount on pretty much everything. If you need a large quantity of a product, they will call their wholesale shops and have them deliver said quantity right away. Then, they will offer you an excellent deal on it. No, really, they’re awesome.

jewellery supplier

The shop itself is a treasury chest. It has a lovely old style to it. The staff is incredibly nice and easy going; they will give you advice or just chat with you.

jewellery supplier

jewellery supplier

jewellery supplier

They have so many pretty things that it’s quite dangerous for your budget… But I recommend this shop to everyone; it is a real source of inspiration.


Tout à loisirs

Retail shop: 50 rue des Archives, 75004 Paris

Wholesale shop: 77 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

Their website (wholesale only)


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On the other side of the world

I was on holidays in New Zealand. This has nothing to do with jewelry making, but this country is too damn beautiful not to post at least a few pictures. I’ll add in the end some information about the local gemstones for good measure.



Tane Mahuta – Biggest Kauri tree in New Zealand (it’s massive). 



Blue spring – Te Waihou walkway



Obligatory stop to Hobbiton.



Tongariro Alpine crossing – Red crater



Tongariro Alpine crossing – Mount Ngauruhoe


About New Zealand greenstone and Maori art

New Zealand has a very particular jade stone, commonly called “Greenstone” or “Pounamu” in maori. As far as I know, it is nephrite jade: darker than chinese jade, closer in colour to green jasper. Here is the wikipedia page about it.

Maori tribes have been carving this stone for centuries in many shapes with valued symbolic meaning. More information about this here.


(click on picture for source)

Of course, I couldn’t resist buying some beads to make jewelry out of them. In maori culture, greenstone is supposed to be bought in order to make a gift, but not for yourself. Since I bought it to make jewelry for the ladies of my family, I hope it’s alright.

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I’m coming back from holidays (currently posting from the airport). Back in business soon!

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About Spam

I loathe advertising.

No, really. This is how advertising feels to me:


It’s not really my fault: I was raised by the Supreme Pontiff of Ad-Hating (that’s my dad) who banned any form of it in our house.

The show we were watching on TV got cut to commercials? You would hear a very loud “AAAD!”, then he’d leap towards the remote and change channels. More advertising there? Change again. Advertising everywhere? He’d cut the sound until it was over.

When we recorded films on VHS from TV, he would stop the recording right when the commercial break started, rewind just a bit, pause, forward frame by frame so that not a single bit of advertising was left on the tape, then press “record” again only when the film was back on.  The tape would lose perhaps a few seconds of film from this live editing, but afterwards, we could enjoy the film without interruption. That was his little pride and joy: ‘Did you see how clean that cut was? No ads!’

He’s crazy, isn’t he? Well, I agree. But I’m also glad he is. In primary school, I already knew how manipulative the media are.  My father’s craziness taught me very early how to keep a critical mind.

Sure, I was left out of some conversations during recess (‘Hey, did you see X ad on TV? It’s so funny!’), but I didn’t mind. Actually, I was quite proud to play the snobbish, mature person who knew better.

Even today… Sometimes, I have to print a train ticket I bought online, those awful, ad-plastered pages that could be just four lines of text and a QR code, but no! They have to offer you the best prices for hotels and 30% reductions on rental cars if you book it before 1 pm.

That is to say, they expect me to waste paper and ink for information I don’t need and didn’t ask for.  Like that’s going to happen. So I open the PDF file in Photoshop, remove all ads and print only the ticket info. 5 minutes of my time spent, a lot of stupid pride satisfied.

fighting spam

This was a very long introduction. But now that you realise how crazy I am, you might understand how hard being a jewellery designer with an online shop can be on a daily basis.

Basically, when I launched my shop, this mental process occured:

‘I have nice stuff to sell. Okay, my shop is open now. Hm, no views. Yes, well, of course, people don’t know about my shop yet.  Okay, I have to let them know. How…?





Please note that I don’t have anything against commerce. I buy stuff, I sell stuff, it’s a cool interaction between human beings.

But my heart breaks a little every single time I tweet, share, like, pin, or anything else I do to promote my products. Because I feel like this:


I am a monster.

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Blog Opening!

Welcome all!

So… this is me:


I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I intend to. My purpose here is to show my jewellery creations, write about it and about pretty much anything I can think of, offer some jewellery-making tutorials, and maybe share some drawings if I’m feeling very motivated.

Of course, there will be regular updates about new items available in my Etsy shop.

Have fun!


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