Custom order #4.5

In addition to the wedding earrings, M. ordered me two other pairs to ‘satisfy her earrings craze’ (her words).

She found the transparent crystals from my ‘Virginie’ model really pretty:


M. asked me if I could make something in that vein, although longer. She showed me some earrings she liked, with ball chain and strass chain for inspiration.

This crystal’s colour is called ‘crystal silver shade’. I showed M. all the beads Swarovski offered in that colour; she was taken by faceted half-moon crystals.

So I made these:

custom order, moons

And for the last pair of earrings, she chose among the small chandeliers I had in stock and asked me to simply add many chain strands.

I cut them so the end made a V. I counted each link of each strand so they would match perfectly and I only noticed after taking the picture that it looks like I didn’t. I’m quite vexed.

custom order, chains

Chain links are messy to arrange on a flat surface. M. confirmed when she received them that they were perfect, so there’s that.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Custom order #4

Another of my faithful clients is M.

M. is a coworker and was among the firsts to buy items from my shop. She happens to have a thing for fancy earrings; no wonder we get along well.

M.’s sister is getting married this summer (it’s the season…). M. bought a pretty dress and, of course, has no earrings to match it, which is why she turned to me.

Sometimes, I feel like a superhero.


M. showed me several examples of earrings she liked. They all had a touch of Roaring Twenties, with lots of dangling chains and shiny crystals. M. said: ‘If it’s not your usual style and you don’t feel like making them, don’t worry and tell me, I won’t take offence!’. That’s cute. Like shiny and dangly things aren’t my kryptonite.


M. prefers silver to other metals. Her dress is red, but she told me she’d like earrings she could wear with other outfits after the wedding, so I didn’t need to add colour. Something neutral like grey or black would be best.

I had at hand some pretty chandeliers and therefore made some tests. I was quite confident in my knowledge of M.’s tastes, so this time I didn’t sketch beforehand.


This first attempt wasn’t satisfactory. The crystals were a bit too big and transparent. It lacked contrast and the whole thing seemed a bit pale. M. agreed when I showed her the picture, even though she liked the rest very much.

I then tried again with smaller, opaque grey crystals, and black crystals of a different shape for the central part.

Here is the comparison:


M. agreed that this was better and approved this final form.


Another well-accessorized citizen!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Custom order #3

A faithful client, C., ordered me a new custom necklace to match the dress she bought for her son’s wedding. I was more than happy to oblige.

C. showed me pictures of her dress. It’s navy blue, very simple and elegant, and will be worn with a white and blue jacket. She told me: “I’d like a long necklace, maybe a bit flashy to contrast with the simple cut of the dress, and probably matching earrings too.”

I made three propositions, with sketches to help visualise the result.


Proposition 1 : 12 mm blue agate beads, silver rings and chain. 


Proposition 2 : 8 mm rose quartz beads, silver Mobius knots, silver rings. 


Proposition 3 : hematite chips, silver rings. 

I kept one common feature, the large silvertone rings, as I think it looks good on a long necklace. Of course, any alteration was possible.


C. told me she liked the first sketch and also the Mobius knots. But she was afraid the colours I chose would not come out enough on her dark dress. White or transparent beads would probably match best the jacket.


As I didn’t have any white beads at hand, I made a stop at my favourite shop to remedy that and came back with this new proposition. At this point, I had a good idea of what C. had in mind, so I could start making the necklace.


The necklace is based on my first sketch. The white beads are agate gemstones, and the transparent ones rock crystal. I added a second chain strand for a better visual structure. When sending this picture, I asked C. if she would like more elements thrown in: either beads, Mobius knots or rings, as she liked. She said yes to a few more beads and Mobius knots.

Here is the final necklace that she approved.


White agate, rock crystal, silvertone Mobius knots, rings, and chain.

Total length: 100 cm (39 in.). 


Fitting jewelry from a distance is not always easy. I suggested to C. that she put a string around her neck, reach the desired length, then measure it. It worked very well.


Now that the necklace is done, I could make matching earrings. I thought the white should be present, as the agate beads were the smallest, hence the best fit for an elegant pair of earrings. I could add a reminder of either the chain or the Mobius knots.


As they are quite easy to make and adapt to the final decision, I didn’t need to sketch them beforehand. C. chose the second version. And voilà !


White agate, silvertone Mobius knots. 


C. was very happy with the set!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Custom order #2

Here is another custom order I made for a friend who wanted a bracelet for her mother.

She chose Nephrite jade, the one I brought back from New Zealand. My friend wanted something very special and high-end, so we matched the green gemstones with genuine silver 925 beads.

We decided to set the beads on rubber band. This is not something I am used to; I prefer beading wire and a clasp, as I find it more resistant. I bought quality rubber band and tripled it to ensure it would not break.

custom order bracelet

Patiently threading beads…

Then I made a sturdy knot, put a drop of glue on it and hid it inside a silver bead.

Final result:

custom order bracelet

Nephrite jade (New Zealand greenstone, or ‘Pounamu’) and silver 925 bracelet

I heard my friend’s mum was very happy with it!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Custom order #1

As announced, here is the finished projet for L., my friendly corworker who loves long, ethnic necklaces.


The process

I showed L. what kind of jewelry I could make and, with my very knowledgeable advice, she chose two bronze components that I would assemble together: an ethnic-style spacer and a chandelier. She also liked the ‘dagger’ charms I’ve used on a few earrings.

Then, I took her to my favourite bead shop where we chose the beads she liked that would match those items. As she said herself: ‘I like it shiny’. In the end, we decided on pretty black crystals with petroleum-like reflections. Bronze and black are a great match.


Now, time to assemble the parts!

I offered several options for the chandelier, as it depended what L. had in mind.

I could either put a small crystal and a dagger on every loop, or a crystal on every loop but only a few daggers, or either a crystal or a dagger on each loop, etc. I sent her some drawings to better visualise what it could become. As I told her many times: anything is possible!

L. chose the whole set (top right): crystals and daggers everywhere!


Here is the final result:


L. likes very long necklaces. I put the uncut chain around her neck so she could try it on, then tell me where exactly she wanted the pendant to stand.


One very satisfied customer!

This was a great experience for me. L.’s taste is very different than mine, so I had to get out of my comfort zone. It is also very appreciable to make something you know the customer will enjoy: they are the ones who chose what you are making!

I’m quite happy with the result.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !