Taking a wee break

I just spent a few days in Edinburgh. Scotland has been a weakness of mine for years now, but I had only visited the Highlands. This time, I stayed in town. Enjoy some pictures!


Holyroodhouse Abbey, close to the Palace


Holyrood Park


Holyrood Park (yes, this is still inside Edinburgh)


Holyrood Park, with a view on the city


Bobby, the faithful little dog who waited on his master’s grave


Old town


Well, this wouldn’t be a trip to Scotland if whisky wasn’t involved.


Dean Village


I recommend Edinburgh to everyone who likes old stones, green hills, the smell of the sea and double decker buses. There are many great places to visit, from castles and medieval streets to modern art museums. Or just wander in the streets, like I mostly did. It is a excellent destination for a long week-end.


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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