Etsy Made in France – summary

Etsy Made in France is over!


The creators’ market has been a nice success. Lots of people came and enjoyed the stunning location as much as we did.


Photo credit: Magali C.

Éléphant Paname, where the event took place, was rented the day before, so we couldn’t set anything up on friday night. Thus I had to wake up at 5 am to come and help with decorations. It was a tad painful, but our captains had given so much of their time and energy for this that I owed them as much.

Fortunately, the members of our team get along very well. Sophie and Annick, our captains, work great together. Also, quite a few significant others came to help, which I find adorable.

The team “Petit Paris” was set on the ground floor. The market took up three floors in all. Our room was large (180 m²) and the ceiling is a light well: it’s a dome made of glass squares and LED lights.


I had spent a lot of time trying to find a good look for my stand. I chose a natural style with lots of wood and some copper. It works quite well with my jewellery as it is mostly statement jewellery with some ethnic inspiration.


We also had the chance to be able to hire a photographer, Magali C. Of course, her pictures are much nicer than mine (click on them to see her blog and more pictures)!


Shop: Idée créative


Shops: Linette Paris and Tedzukuri Atelier


Shop: Wax etc.


And my stand!

Upstairs, the style was utterly different: it’s more of the typical 19th century hôtel particulier with mouldings, large windows and floorboards. The “Bien des CHoses team did a great job building furniture to step into it.


Shops: Chaleur urbaine and Beau fixe

To thank them for their tremendoux work, all the members of our team pitched in to offer our amazing captains Sophie and Annick pretty flowers. Annick had embroided for every one of us a badge with our names on it and they gave us a “Petit Paris” tote bag at the end of the week-end!


In summary, it was a wonderful experience. Exhausting too, considering all the material to carry in the subway and the long hours of activity. But I can’t wait to do another!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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