Custom order #1

As announced, here is the finished projet for L., my friendly corworker who loves long, ethnic necklaces.


The process

I showed L. what kind of jewelry I could make and, with my very knowledgeable advice, she chose two bronze components that I would assemble together: an ethnic-style spacer and a chandelier. She also liked the ‘dagger’ charms I’ve used on a few earrings.

Then, I took her to my favourite bead shop where we chose the beads she liked that would match those items. As she said herself: ‘I like it shiny’. In the end, we decided on pretty black crystals with petroleum-like reflections. Bronze and black are a great match.


Now, time to assemble the parts!

I offered several options for the chandelier, as it depended what L. had in mind.

I could either put a small crystal and a dagger on every loop, or a crystal on every loop but only a few daggers, or either a crystal or a dagger on each loop, etc. I sent her some drawings to better visualise what it could become. As I told her many times: anything is possible!

L. chose the whole set (top right): crystals and daggers everywhere!


Here is the final result:


L. likes very long necklaces. I put the uncut chain around her neck so she could try it on, then tell me where exactly she wanted the pendant to stand.


One very satisfied customer!

This was a great experience for me. L.’s taste is very different than mine, so I had to get out of my comfort zone. It is also very appreciable to make something you know the customer will enjoy: they are the ones who chose what you are making!

I’m quite happy with the result.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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