On Jewellery Suppliers

Today is about advertising. Again. But this time, not me.

Finding good material at a decent price to make jewellery is not as easy as one would think. Since I am not a professional nor a company, I have no choice but to buy retail. That’s how, if I’m not careful, I end up paying 2 € for 10 earrings hooks in a Paris shop, when I can get 200 for the same price online.

And yes, I happen to live in Paris, where the prices have this irksome tendency to go through the roof; granted, it doesn’t help. That’s why I buy most of my supplies online.

But there is one shop that I keep coming to. They are by far my favourite jewellery supplier: Tout à loisirs.

jewellery supplier

They have several shops in France, and three in Paris. One of those is for retail, the other two for wholesale.

The retail prices are very reasonable, and they have volume discount on pretty much everything. If you need a large quantity of a product, they will call their wholesale shops and have them deliver said quantity right away. Then, they will offer you an excellent deal on it. No, really, they’re awesome.

jewellery supplier

The shop itself is a treasury chest. It has a lovely old style to it. The staff is incredibly nice and easy going; they will give you advice or just chat with you.

jewellery supplier

jewellery supplier

jewellery supplier

They have so many pretty things that it’s quite dangerous for your budget… But I recommend this shop to everyone; it is a real source of inspiration.


Tout à loisirs

Retail shop: 50 rue des Archives, 75004 Paris

Wholesale shop: 77 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

Their website (wholesale only)


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